Friday, July 24, 2015

Grab Your Dreams by the Horns! (Part I)

In this day and age, for you to accomplish your dreams, you would have to literally grab those dreams by the horns! You just have to! You have to be tenacious, unrelenting, brave and determined. Things would not just happen on a platter of gold. You have to work hard for it.

Your dreams or goals might look like a stubborn monstrosity that would not yield with all the efforts you have made. You have pushed, prodded, sweated. You have become frustrated and tired. You have become sick and tired of being sick and tired of chasing your dreams.
The world has become very competitive now and there are millions of people trying to have their voices heard. You might feel like a needle in a haystack but you have a voice. A unique voice indeed. 

Don’t feel like your dreams can’t come true. They can!
That dream might not seem to be showing forth, just keep “walking” towards it. Keep doing what you need to do to birth those dreams. A mother does not give birth to her child without pain. She keeps pushing and pushing until she gives birth. It wasn’t easy and she even wanted to give up but she kept on. That is the way the birth of our dreams could be. You have to keep pushing. You have to persevere and be determined.

A lot of obstacles will come your way. Challenges will come to test you but surmount those challenges and keep trekking towards your dreams. You might have fallen down, all bloodied with bruises, groaning in pain. To stand up might be the most difficult thing in the world but slowly, gradually crawl if you have to and summon the strength within you to get up. In all the success stories of people that I have read, I have not read one without them going through one sort of challenge or the other. The beauty and the inspiration of these stories is the fact that against all odds, they still came out a winner.

You don’t want to end up dead without fulfilling your dreams. Don’t let your labour be in vain. Don’t let those sweat and tears be in vain. You might need to wake up earlier than others to write that book. You might need to sacrifice some sleep to study. You might to save up some money to start that business. Force and discipline yourself to do whatever you need to do (morally correct things) to succeed.

Strengthen your resolve today to grab your dreams by the horns. You will be happy you did. Check this blog soon for “Grab Your Dreams by the Horns!” (Part II). I would be sharing with you in Part II, the strategies you can use to fulfill your dreams.

Much love from me to you!

Temitope Oluleye

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