Thursday, December 3, 2015

How my Wig fell off in PUBLIC! (Funny Story)

Ok, I never thought I would share this story with the world ever! But I am sharing it just for laughs and to caution all wig wearers in the sisterhood to be more careful! LOL! Let me tell you first hand that it is the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to a human being! I wanted to disappear when it happened to me. I wanted it to be a dream. No! It can't be! My heart wanted to jump out of my chest.

Anyways, here we go. That particular horrifying day, I was going for a Salsa Dance event in Hollywood, California. I am a trained salsa dancer (a form of latin dance). I love dancing salsa so I was so excited and I couldn't wait. I took extra time to do get dressed. I even took extra time styling the wig I wore. It was long and nice. I was feeling glamourous. I was on point. It was one of those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself. I just knew that all eyes would be on me. I couldn't wait to get there.

So, with all the "yanga" and "ako" I stepped out of my apartment feeling more fabulous than Beyonce. I cat-walked like there was no tomorrow into the venue with my head held high and my "fake" hair bouncing and blowing in the wind. I had it all going on meeeeeeeeen! I wish you could have seen me. I never knew the huge humiliation that was about to befall me.

The time to dance came and a handsome "oyinbo" salsa dancer asked me to dance and since I was very fluid in Salsa dancing, I glided to the dance floor in my glam heels ready to "sow off" my salsa dancing skills. We started dancing and I was enjoying every beat of the latin music. I "soowd off" all my hard-earned salsa shines (skills). The guy was having fun too as as we danced o! Then a "big bomb of shame" exploded. This man's "alakoba" wristwatch caught my wig and pulled it right off my head! To make matters worse, my head was bald, I was wearing a low cut then. I had just cut my hair.

I had a mixture of heart attack, high blood pressure, headache, paralysis and everything disease. You name it o! I wanted to faint, collapse, die all at once! Egba mi o! The earth stood still for me at that moment. It was like slow motion. There were lots of people on the dance floor. My little saving grace was that the lights were a bit dim. I quickly tried to remove the wig tangled with the man's wristwatch. I was desperately trying to yank it off but it won't remove. I tried. He tried. I tried. He tried. Finally God intervened and I got it off. I immediately put it on. I felt like slapping the man. I don't even remember if I quickly ran to the restroom or kept on dancing like nothing happened but I recall gently walking to the bathroom like nothing happened and then slipped out of the event vowing never to return ever again to that place ever! And I never did!

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