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Fall in Love with a Person's Spirit not the Looks! by Temitope Oluleye

Have you ever been in a relationship with a very beautiful/handsome woman or man but you were shocked by their attitude or actions? You were enchanted or carried away with their looks that you didn't even bother to get to know who they were. I mean who they really are. A lot of people do say often, "He or she was a sight for sore eyes." A person's physical beauty or handsomeness could easily make you want to fall in love with them. We all love beautiful, lovely things. We naturally want to gravitate towards what captures the eye. The world we live in puts so much emphasis on what is seen but there is a whole other unseen world that has been and is before what our eyes can behold.  This means that more priority should placed on a person's spirit than the person's looks. I am not saying that it is wrong to desire to marry a beautiful woman or a handsome man, I am saying that in the choice of who you want to spend the rest of your life with, what is more importa…
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I used lime as my deodorant/antiperspirant this morning and it works! by Temitope Oluleye

Lime??? Yes lime! I am sure you are shocked! God has stocked and enriched the earth with a wide variety of very valuable fruits, herbs and vegetables that are not only nourishing and medicinal but also very useful in so many ways. One of these magnificent fruits is lime or lemon. One out of the many properties/uses that lime or lemon has is as a deodorant or antiperspirant.
As an ardent lover, enthusiast, researcher and practitioner of natural health/living, I have discovered that lime/lemon works brilliantly to eliminate smells or sweating from your armpits. I usually use the conventional, commercial ones but when I run out of them and have some limes or lemons handy, I just cut it up, swipe it over my armpits and I will be odour or sweat free for the rest of the day.

One amazing thing about using lime or lemon as a deodorant/antiperspirant is that there are no side effects except smelling fresh and clean but regular commercial deodorants/antiperspirant have been reported to increas…

The Girl Child: The Gold Mine by Temitope Oluleye.

Imagine having a gold mine with treasures upon treasures of precious, valuable gold right in front of your house and you even though you know about it, you refuse to mine gold from it that is the reality that millions of girl children are facing all over world.  Girl children are solid gold but they are being undermined and degraded like they are not valuable but their value knows no bounds. I am focusing more on girls because they are more marginalized than boys.

Girls are treasures like gold, even more precious than gold. They were created with innate, powerful solutions for this world. They have been imbued with wisdom to invent, innovate and create yet many girl children are still relegated to the background or even killed just because of their gender and until the society or the world at large gives them the platform to harness their skills, have their voices heard, create and invent what has not yet been seen, write books that have never being written, the world will still be d…

My Radio Show this Week: 100% Woman.

Episode Title: Succeeding in Life in spite of Challenges.
At 11am, get to know how to succeed in life despite challenges as Temitope Oluleye hosts a special guest who inspite of her physical challenges as a disabled person became extremely successful even though she came from very humble beginnings. She is Mrs Joy Bolarin, the proprietress of Jibore Immaculate School, the founder of Jibore Foundation and the CEO of Jibore Impeccable Enterprises. She has been given the Integrity Ambassador Award recently and the Business Woman of Year Award in 2017. She is also happily married with children.100% Woman is a weekly show that I produce and present every Tuesday at 11am on Royal FM 95.1 Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigeria.

The Little, Little Pleasures in Life you may have Forgotten by Temitope Oluleye.

It is so easy and very understandable to get caught up on the rigours of life and completely forget the little, little blessings or pleasures that we experience everyday. We all strive so hard to make more money, get that degree, settle down, have children etc..and don't even take the time to really enjoy and acknowledge the little pleasures of life. I mean little pleasures like the relief and the feel good feeling that a good shower/bath brings, the enjoyment you derive from a sumptuous meal, the refreshment/rejuvenation you get from a good night's sleep, the spring in your step after a challenging workout/exercise session, the pitter patter of raindrops on your rooftop while you are snuggled warmly in bed on a cold morning, the refreshment you get after downing that cold water on a scorching hot day. Some of my little pleasures are drinking hot coffee or tea especially on a cold morning and drinking gari (especially Gari Ijebu) with very chilled water + iceblocks + fried fi…

Unbelievable! What happened to me in 24hrs after drinking Green Tea.

100% Woman: Late Prof. Dora Akunyili - The Woman of Great Courage (Legendary Women Series).

She was shot at, her son was almost kidnapped, she received numerous death threats, she was almost assassinated but in spite of all this, she stood her ground and was brave enough to fight corruption in Nigeria. She is Late.Prof Dora Akunyili. 

Tune in at 11am today on Royal FM 95.1 for 100% Woman hosted by Temitope Oluleye as Prof.Dora Akunyili's powerful story of courage that defied all odds is featured.
P.S: This is a rebroadcast.