Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Practical Ways to Survive these Hard Times (Part II)

Happy Wednesday! This is Part (II) of more Practical Ways to Survive these Hard Times: 

d) Turn off the lights
It could be a habit to leave lights on in your house for no reason or turning on light switches that are connected to electrical devices such as your TV, DVD while you are not even using them etc..This leads to an increase in the consumption of electricity which would lead to a high charge on your electricity bill. Always try to do a walk through your home to turn off electricity that is not being used to save money. It really makes a big difference.
e) Plant your own Food
Nigeria is blessed with rich soils for agriculture and with the high cost of food currently, you might need to plant some crops that could be easily grown in your backyard if you have the space or in pots on your veranda or courtyard to supplement food expenses. It is even healthier because you get to harvest your own food fresh without any industrial processing or preservation. You can even take it a step further by buying land for a farm if you can afford it and hire farmers to plant and grow food for you and your family while you supervise it. It can also become a money yielding business by selling food harvested from the farm to the public.
f) Drink More Water
Instead of spending more money buying refined, sugary juices or soft drinks, buy water instead. For example, a carton of 50 cl bottled water is about is between 1,000 – 1,200 naira depending on the brand while a pack of 50 cl plastic bottled coca-cola is almost 2,000 naira. You can almost 1,000 naira by drinking water. It is not only healthier to buy water, it is also cheaper. You can invest in a water filtration system or buy water purifying products. Drinking water has numerous benefits apart from helping you to save money, it also good for weight loss.

What ways are you using to survive these hard times? Comment below.

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