Sunday, September 4, 2016

Practical Ways to Survive these Hard Times (I) by Temitope Oluleye

It is very glaring that times are hard right now. The price of virtually everything keeps skyrocketing. Conversations with friends, neighbours or family abound with complaints, grumbling about the high cost of living nowadays. When times are tough and unbearable, you will need to adapt, improvise and seek out ways to survive and thrive that is why I have put together these Exclusive Web Series titled: Practical Ways to Survive during Hard Times. I hope it helps.
a) Cook your own food.
It is way cheaper to cook your own food than eating out at eateries or restaurants. You will save more money cooking your own food. You might buy food at the eatery for N1,000 that you would consume at a sitting but with the same amount, you would be able to buy raw food ingredients that you can use to make several meals thereby saving more money.
b) Buy more of what you need not what you want.
For shopaholics that like to shop, this is hard but with the current situation in the country, we will need to have more financial discipline. That extra pair of shoes or outfit that you are tempted to buy might not be a need at all, it might just be a want so turn back and say NO! That will be extra Naira in your wallet that you can use for other important needs.
c) Turn your talents or skills into cash.
What are you talented or gifted at? Apart from your job, you might want to earn additional income by using the talent or skills you have to make more money for yourself. Can you sew, make beaded jewelry, do makeup or cook well? You can offer your services to people that need them to make extra money.
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What ways have you been using to survive during these hard times?
Much love from me to you!

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