Monday, August 3, 2015

That Brooch Is More Useful Than You Think!

Brooches are beautiful fashion accessories that come in different shapes, colours & sizes. Brooches can be used in different, creative ways and they are more useful than you think. You just have to think outside the box. Below are some fun ways to use to a brooch.

On your Shoes
Do you have a set of high heels or flats that are looking too plain or boring? Just spice them by adding a pair of matching brooches to them and watch them sparkle.
images (2)

On your Shirt
Do something different by placing that attractive brooch on a suitable place on your shirt. You will look stunningly glam! Check the picture below to see how I placed a brooch on my shirt for the office. Really cute.


As a Fabulous Statement Necklace
If you have a bunch of brooches lying around you can make a beautiful statement necklace out of it and it's very easy to make. Below is a great video by "Miss Kris" on YouTube to see how to make it.

As a Hair Accessory

Stand out and channel elegance with a lovely brooch on your hair. Put it at a vantage point where it will suit the hairstyle you have on.


On a clutch/handbag

Add pizzazz to your clutch or handbag by adding a gorgeous brooch.
So have fun, experiment and be creative with your brooches. There are so many other ways to use those brooches.


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