Sunday, July 5, 2015

Know my new found Natural skin care Secret!

Pimples had never been my problem. I have always had glowing, smooth skin. So you can just imagine my angry frustration when I just started breaking out all over with zits! pimples! acne! They just kept popping up all over face! As much as I try as much as possible not to be too superficial, it really bothered me. I didn't really fancy going from smooth skin to "bumpy, go slow" face. So I started scampering for different anti-pimple potions, creams, cleansers, masks that I could find. 

It worked for a few days then alas! the pimples came back with a vengeance. What do I do? I wondered? I guess I had to ask mother nature if she had any cures. Growing up, I always had this feeling that nature around us had an abundance of medicinal properties that were known and even to a large extent unknown. I remember as a kid picking some orange pods from a particular plant, boiling them and using it to make tie and dye. I used to experiment and have fun. I have always gravitated towards nature. 

It was now time to start experimenting again. Experiments have led to some great discoveries! I did some research naturally and found out that "gooey wonder" honey was very good for skin care.
I found out that honey had antibacterial properties and thereby could treat pimples or acne. There are still so many skin care benefits of honey which include, clarifying skin pores, skin lightening, skin cleansing and much more.

I then started cleansing my face with honey in the morning and then would use the oil-cleansing method to clean my face at night. I would be putting up a post on this oil cleansing method on this blog soon. I also started using honey as a mask and amazingly the irritating pimples started drying up. What a relief! My face stopped being so dry using my regular facial cleanser. I noticed the cleanser was stripping my face of its natural oils. My skin become more softer even a bit brighter.

Now I am sure you want to know how I use honey for my skin care. Don't worry, I would not leave you in the dark. Check this blog soon for the post.

Much love from me to you!

Temitope Oluleye (Temmie)

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