Thursday, July 9, 2015

How and Why I clean my face with Honey (Gets rid of pimples!)

In my last post, I promised to share with you the way I cleanse my face with honey. I decided to start using honey because I was tired of my skin getting too dry (I have dry skin) and getting no apparent results for my pimples with use of some store-bought cleansers which were quite expensive. I also found out through my research that honey was great at getting rid of pimples/acne due to its antibacterial properties. I know honey is quite expensive and getting real honey might be quite a task but it is still cheaper compared to some high quality cleansers in stores. It also works better since it is not laden with chemicals.

I usually use honey to cleanse my face in the morning. I usually would have washed off my makeup the night before with the oil-cleansing method. To know about the oil-cleansing method, check this blog. I would be putting up a post about it soon. If you have make-up on your face, remove your make-up first with a makeup remover. Honey would not remove makeup completely from your face. So here we go:

Wash Your Hands

First of all, wash your hands. This is a very important step because you don't want to add more dirt/germs to your face through your hands.

Apply Honey

Add a small amount of honey to your hands and rub covering all your facial skin. Before rinsing you can leave it on as a face mask for a few minutes up to 15 minutes or more. Honey works well as a face mask. It tightens, softens and brightens the skin. If not, just wash off with clean water. You will notice that your skin would feel very clean.

Please Note: Use real honey. There are so many "fakes" out there. Do some research to find out how to know the difference between the real and the fake ones.

Since I have been using honey to clean my face, my skin has gotten tighter, brighter, softer and it glows! My facial skin also doesn't feel too dry like it used to with regular store-bought cleansers. What more can a girl ask for? Try it. Now it might not work for you. Not everything works for everyone but give it a try. It might just be the best thing for you since sliced bread.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make some comments? Feel free to do that below this post. Thanks for reading!

Much Love from me to you!

Temitope Oluleye (Temmie)

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