Friday, January 6, 2017

4 Family Members killed in one day by Potatoes?

A very unfortunate incident happened in Laishevo, a town near Kazan in the Russian republic of Tatarstan. Four family members were killed in one day by toxic fumes emitted by rotten potatoes in their basement. Inconsolable Maria Chelyshev, 8,  lost her father, mother, brother and brother on the same day. Shocking isn't it!

Maria Chelyshev

Her father Mikhail Chelyshev was the first to faint and die after entering their basement and inhaling the poisonous gas from the rotten potatoes then followed the wife, Anastasia who went to check on her husband. She suffered the same fate including their son, Gregory and grandmother, Iraida. So sad!

Mikhail, Anastasia & Gregory Chelyshev

Iraida, 63 (grandmother)

Potatoes are said to contain toxic compounds known as glycoalkaloids which can affect the nervous system causing weakness and confusion. Glycoalkaloids may cause headaches, diarrhea, cramps, and in severe cases coma and death. Potato poisoning happens rarely.

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